Knowing Samajbhan

It’s always been Anandwan’s endeavour to crave for new challenges and accept them. The society has been facing challenges in fundamental fields as Healthcare, Education, Livelihood generation, Agriculture and Water. The severity of these challenges gets multiplied to a higher degree when it comes to economically backward, drought-hit regions. Hence, to discover ways to feel the needs, Anandwan has recently launched a purely outreach initiative, starting 1 January 2016, known as ‘Anandwan Samajbhan Abhiyan’. It’s a catalyst for ‘Connecting the Dots’ between “Good people”, “Good works” and “Good efforts”. Under this initiative, Anandwan has begun work in the fields of Livelihood generation, Agriculture and Water, in the drought-hit belts in Vidarbha, Marathwada & Western Maharashtra regions of Maharashtra State.


  • Desilting & deepening work of a 3 Kms long rivulet near Karanji village of Ashti Tehsil in Beed District was taken up. This work could permanently solve the problem of drinking water scarcity of 8000 residents & livestock from Karanji and another 5 villages in its proximity.


  • 44 unemployed youths from Ashti Tehsil in Beed District and 6 from Barshi Takli Tehsil in Akola District were provided residential vocational training at Anandwan, which brightened their prospects of self-employment.  


  • Marginalized farmers of a small village Mandva in Zari-Jamni Tehsil of Yavatmal District were facing an odd situation for years. Their farmlands are situated near hilly area. In the Kharif season, the rainwater flowing speedily from the hill slope would flood their fields and wash the top soil, resulting in loss of sown seed, sometimes twice or thrice. As crops failed, banks didn’t deliver and the government faltered, these marginalized farmers found them at the mercy of crooked moneylenders, who pulled them into a debt trap. To address this problem, a meter wide and a meter deep trench cum mound (TCM) was dug with the help of an excavator, across field boundary near the hill to arrest the speedily flowing water there itself.  The trench went on for 2 Kms joining a channel flowing near the village, taking away all the excess water without harming the fields and protected around 80 Acres of farmland.


With such small ‘location specific’ and ‘need based’ interventions, ‘Anandwan Samajbhan Abhiyan’ has been shaping up. However, while deciding future course of action, it is felt that this is just the beginning. Various challenges in fundamental fields as Groundwater conservation and management, Healthcare, Education, Food security etc. need to be dealt with. At the same time, need of interventions in some specific areas like Conservation of traditional crafts, Financial literacy, Right to information, Reading culture is also felt.


We, here at Anandwan always say that this initiative is a People’s initiative, being run People themselves. We trust horizons of ‘Anandwan Samajbhan Abhiyan’ get broadened with active participation of common public.